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Heating cable ⌀1.4mm, 5-48V DC, Teflon

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Heating cable for direct voltage with a range of 5-48V

Application: suitable for the production of car seat and steering wheel heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners, USB heaters, special heating wires, electric blankets, towel racks, foot massagers, electric stoves, pet pads, electric warm clothes, window heaters, protection anti-freeze pipes, electric slimming belts, pet incubators, medical devices. Freezing and defrosting equipment.

Resistance according to variant

Core: chrome-nickel, copper

Insulation: fluoropolymer, fire retardant, resistant to acids, oils, UV resistant

Cable shape: round

Temperature range: up to 200°C

Price for 1m length

How to calculate the required power?

(supply voltage * supply voltage) / (heating cable length * heating cable resistance) = 14.4W

(12V * 12V) / (2m * 5 ohm) = 14.4W

5-48V DC
1.2 - 1.4mm
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Heating Cable Power Calculation Calculator