Battery charger from 12V to 29.2V, 20A, 584W, IP65, slim | AMPUL
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Battery charger from 12V to 29.2V, 20A, 584W, IP65, slim

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Very high quality DC/DC voltage converter from 10-16V DC to 29.2V DC max. 20A.

Input voltage: 12 V DC (range 10-16 V DC)
Input current: max. 64A (Vin=10V, Iout=20A)
Output voltage: 29.2 V DC, max. 20A
Efficiency: 95.5%
No-load consumption: max. 32mA
Input voltage check: below 10V DC shutdown, recovery at 11V DC
ACC switching (10-16V DC = ON, 0-10V DC = OFF)
LED indicator: RED (battery with voltage) GREEN (charged)
Short circuit protection
Input voltage fuse at 16V DC
Output voltage fuse min. 17V DC, max. 32V DC
Overvoltage protection
Thermal fuse (over 85°C)
All insurance policies renew automatically
Aluminum construction with fins for heat dissipation
Certificates: CE, ROHS
Working temperature: -40 ~ +55°C
Ambient humidity: 0~95%
Protection: IP65
Size: 140x120x42.5mm
Weight: 1200g

Recommended wiring for input: cross-section 8mm2

Recommended cabling for output: cross-section 2mm2

Input voltage
12V DC
Output voltage
29.2V DC
Output current
Output power
Waterproof grade
100,000 hours