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Electromagnet 5kg, 50N, 25x11mm

Fully encapsulated industrial quality electromagnet with 50N holding force.

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Fully encapsulated industrial quality electromagnet.

Holding force 5kg / 50N

power input 2W

limit temperature 103°C

size 25x25x11 mm

thread size M4

cable length 200 mm

price for 1 pc

The adhesive surface must be cleaned before first use

Holding force
50 N
Waterproof grade

On customer's request we are able to produce different types and kinds of electromagnets with operating voltage 3-48V DC.

Adhesive electromagnets:

Holding electromagnets in circular or rod design with holding force from 45 N to 50,000 N offer the optimal choice for applications in robotics, lifting, conveying, clamping technology and construction equipment technology as well as in household equipment and safety systems. For critical surface structures, special pole designs can be used according to customer requirements. These products are manufactured and tested in accordance with DIN VDE 0580.

Lifting and control solenoids:

Lift and control electromagnets find a very wide range of applications in areas where flap control, switch adjustment, blocking and unblocking of the system are carried out. With 1-50 mm strokes, linear actuators from fine to heavy machinery can be released without complex and expensive pneumatic or hydraulic components. Extremely long lifetimes of several million cycles depending on the application can be realized. The magnetic separation system here offers a very efficient solution for almost all solid and liquid products.

Separation of ferromagnetic particles and detection of metal particles:

Quality assurance in the food and plastics industry. Protection against machine damage and production stoppage. For machine protection, the boundaries of the smallest metal particles to be detected can be very different. The choice of the system should be made taking into account the damage that may occur. In the food sector, the objectives are precisely set by HACCP. Consequential damage caused by the delivery of inadequately controlled products is almost unforeseeable here.

Magnetic clamping:

By choosing the right magnetic clamping system, the next job can be prepared while the machining of the next part is still in progress. Maximum equipment utilization, including a minimum number of setups, must be achieved.

Complete lifting technology:

- Lifting magnets for standard applications - For handling material weighing from 100 kg to 10,000 kg. Saving time with minimum effort.

- Magnets for lifting equipment - Complete solution with traverse and control for high volume material handling up to 60,000 kg.

- Anti-movement secured cranes - Safe and comfortable material handling up to 60,000 kg.

- High stress clamps - Magnetic-free material handling up to 500 tonnes.

- Lightweight mobile gantry and slewing cranes - Optimised function on the job site.

- Electric and pneumatic handling equipment - Intelligent - sensitive - practical - robust.



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