Electromagnet 2.5kg, 25N, 20x15mm, 12V, AMPUL.EU
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Electromagnet 2.5kg, 25N, 20x15mm, 12V

Plně zapouzdřený elektromagnet v průmyslové kvalitě s přídržnou silou 25N. Napětí 12V

102,48 Kč (tax incl.) 102,48 Kč (tax excl.)
102,48 Kč ex. Tax
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Plně zapouzdřený elektromagnet v průmyslové kvalitě.

přídržná sílá 2.5kg / 25N

výkon 3W

mezní teplota 103°C

velikost 20x20x15 mm

rozměr závitu M4

délka kabelu 200 mm

cena za 1 Ks

Před prvním použitím je potřeba očistit přilnavou plochu

12V DC
Holding force
25 N
Waterproof grade

At the customer's request, we are able to produce various types and kinds of electromagnets with an operating voltage of 3-48V DC.

Holding permanent electromagnets:

Holding magnets in round and rectangular design provide optimum usage for adhesive forces ranging from 45 N to 50.000 N in the application areas of robotics, lifting, transport, clamping technology and structural engineering and also in building services and security technology. These products are manufactured and tested in accordance with DIN VDE 0580.

Electro solenoids and actuating electromagnets:

Lifting and actuating electromagnets will find a very large field of application in areas where flaps are to be controlled or blocking and unblocking of systems is to be activated. With stroke lengths from 1-50 mm and without complex and expensive pneumatic or hydraulic components, linear actuators are released from precision to heavy machines. An extremely long service life of several million cycles can be implemented depending on the application.

Separation of ferromagnetic metals and metal detection:

The requirements for the industry indicated above areas are more extensive. To fulfill this, you need for modern systems, a high degree of surveillance and security technology. Magnetic separation systems offer here a very efficient solution for almost all liquid and solid products. The dimension limit of the smallest material to be detected and removed so as to protect the machine can vary significantly. The system selection should be made in consideration of damage that may occur. In the food sector the critical targets are to be set by the HACCP. The damages resulting from delivery of inadequately controlled products are almost unpredictable.

Magnetic clamping technology:

The cutting performance of modern machine tools is enormous and is constantly evolving. Furthermore, it is necessary to achieve maximum utilization of equipment, among others, minimum set-up times. By choosing the right magnetic clamping system, preparations can be made, while work is still running on another workpiece.

Complete lifting technology:

- Lifting magnets for standard applications - For material handling weighing from 100 to 10,000 kg. Time saving realized with little effort.

- Magnets for lifting equipment - Complete solutions with traverse and control to handle large-volume materials weighing up to 60,000 kg.

- Load-stabilization crane - Safe and convenient manipulation of material to 60,000 kg.

- Heavy-duty tongs - Material transport up to 500 ton without magnet.

- Easy rolling crane and jib crane  - Improved functionality in the workplace.

- Electrical and pneumatic handling equipment - Intelligent - sensitive - practical – strong.



For more information, please contact us by email at poptavky@ampul.eu.

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Slovak Republic
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Slovak Post 2-3 days 120 CZK 30 CZK
Zásielkovňa.sk do 5kg (Recommended!) 1-2 days 91 CZK 20 CZK -
United Kingdom
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Royal Mail 3-5 days 230 CZK - -
Csomagküldő.hu 3-5 days 135 CZK - over 5000 CZK
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Nord Post 4-7 days 380 CZK - -

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