Napájecí zdroj zásuvkový 15V, 360mA, PHILIPS, AMPUL.EU
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Power supply socket 15V, 360mA, PHILIPS

Power outlet with PHILIPS plug, accepting as a non-original charger for your PHILPS devices.

204,13 Kč (tax incl.) 204,13 Kč (tax excl.)
204,13 Kč ex. Tax
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Vstupní napětí: 100-240V AC, 47-63 Hz, 0.3A
Výstupní napětí: 15 V DC, 360mA
Konektor PHILIPS
Délka kabelu 1m
Velikost 73x27x77 mm

Náharada za HQ8505

UPOZORNĚNÍ: Nabíječka není určena pro holící strojky OneBlade QP2520, QP2530, QP2630 Pro, QP6510, QP6520

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Output voltage
15V DC
Output current
Output power
Cable length
Waterproof grade
Czech Republic Transport time Postage
Cash on delivery surcharge Free transport
GLS courier service (Recommended!) 1-2 days 90 CZK 25 CZK over 5000 CZK
Czech Post - Balík do ruky 1-2 days 99 CZK 35 CZK over 5000 CZK
Czech Post - Balík na poštu 1-2 days 89 CZK 35 CZK over 5000 CZK
Czech Post - Balík do balíkovny 1-2 days 65 CZK 19 CZK over 5000 CZK
Zá 2-3 days 70 CZK 15 CZK over 5000 CZK
Slovak Republic
GLS courier service (Recommended!) 1-2 days 126 CZK 30 CZK over 8000 CZK
Slovak Post 2-3 days 120 CZK 30 CZK
Zásielkovň do 5kg 1-2 days 91 CZK 20 CZK -
United Kingdom
Hermes 3-5 days 211 CZK - -
Royal Mail 3-5 days 230 CZK - -
Csomagküldő.hu 3-5 days 135 CZK - over 5000 CZK
Hungarian post 3-5 days 170 CZK - -
DPD 3-5 days 158 CZK - -
Coletă 3-5 days 135 CZK - over 6000 CZK
Cargus 3-4 days 165 CZK - -
DPD 3-4 days 170 CZK - -
Hermes 3-4 days 160 CZK - over 8000 CZK
GLS 3-4 days 225 CZK - -
Colissimo 3-6 days 225 CZK - -
Colis Privé 3-5 days 245 CZK - -
Nord Post 4-7 days 380 CZK - -

The price includes postage, packing, information SMS, fuel charges and 21% VAT. In the case of payment in EUR, the price is converted according to the current Czech National Bank exchange rate. If you are a VAT payer in a European Union country (outside the Czech Republic), you will be deducted VAT after entering a valid tax identification number.